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California Christmas in the Lowlands

This year will be a Californian Xmas in the Netherlands.

I bought this album on-line yesterday from a friendly Dutch ‘West Coast Music collector’.

I believe it’s the first Limited Numbered Edition, 1981 (500 copies)

Can’t wait to listen to Quicksilver Messenger Service – The Fool (Eastern Style)
and the Lovelight version with Janis Joplin and Pigpen !

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Il Dizionario del Rock

Just bought 2 obscure Italian cd releases of the Grateful Dead i never heard of before. Haven’t listened to them yet so i can’t tell you about the sound quality right now. Cover art is not that special…

Grateful Dead – Live In Los Angeles 1967

Label: Curcio – DIR – 66
Series: Il Dizionario Del Rock – N.° 66
Format: CD, Unofficial Release, Remastered
Country: Italy
Released: 1993

1 Turn Your Lovelight 11:31
2 Morning Dew 6:36
3 It Hurts Me Too 3:56
4 Death Don’t Have No Mercy 7:36
5 Caution 10:58

Durata totale: 41’37”
On cd label: “NON IN VENDITA Allegato al fascicolo n. 02 del Dizionario Del Rock”
(P) Armando Curcio Editore 1993
Made in Italy by OPTIMES
Stereo DIR-66 ADD digitally remastered

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Geffens Oct 20, 2019

Live in Los Angeles 1967 (wrong date)
Tracks 2 -3 Grateful Dead Live at Shrine Auditorium on 1967-11-10
Tracks 1,4,5: Grateful Dead Live at Shrine Auditorium on 1967-11-11

Please note that Caution is: New Potato Caboose
Doesn’t seem to match with any L.A. show from 1967 listed in Deadbase.
This sounds like selected cuts from various 67 shows. It’s not one show but an EXCELLENT collection of early Dead.

Jerry Garcia – lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir – rhythm guitar, vocals

Ron “Pigpen” McKernan – keyboards, harmonica, percussion, vocals
Phil Lesh – bass, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann – drums


Grateful Dead – Live In Rochester 1970

Label: Armando Curcio Editore – DIR – 20
Series: Il Dizionario Del Rock – N.° 20
Format: CD, Unofficial Release, Remastered
Country: Italy
Released: 1991

1 Hard To Handle 7:34
2 Big Boss Man 4:39
3 Going Down The Road / Turn On Your Lovelight 12:48
4 Bird Song 6:38
5 Bertha 5:17
6 Good Lovin’ 14:30

Bass, Backing Vocals – Phil Lesh
Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals – Bob Weir
Keyboards, Alto Vocals – Ron McKernan*
Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals – Gerry Garcia*
Percussion – Mickey Hart

Durata totale: 51’31”
(P) Armando Curcio Editore 1991
Made in Italy by OPTIMES
Stereo DIR-20 ADD digitally remastered

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Geffens Sep 19, 2018
Live at Dillon Gym, Princeton University on 1971-04-17

This show is Pigpen at his best!!..If you want to know what classic Pigpen was, check this show out!

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Tomoms Mar 29, 2018
This CD is rubbish. It was released without paying attention to what its content actually was. A 1970 Dead setlist featuring Bird Song and Bertha seemed pretty suspicious to me; what’s more, according to, the only 1970 show that took place in Rochester had a largely different setlist. Anyway, I bought the CD, and my doubts turned out to be grounded. What this CD really contains is part of the 4/17/1971 show the Dead played at Dillon Gym, in Princeton. Some songs are cut and/or fade out before their endings. Long story short, there’s absolutely no reason to buy this release, as you can listen to the same (full) show for free on the Internet Archive, and the sound quality is the same too.

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nirktwin2 Jul 30, 2016
Don’t bother buying, it plays way too fast. Kind of like the Trouble Behind CD plays way too fast. Completely unlistenable. Throwing away my copy.

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Robert Hunter & Comfort

Robert Hunter and Comfort Opened for the Jerry Garcia Band.

Click on the picture below for the concert

Robert Hunter performed and recorded with the band Comfort for about a year, from mid-1977 to mid-1978. In particular he wrote a lengthy suite of songs called “Alligator Moon” which is well worth listening to for any Hunter fan. Hunter was unhappy with his studio version of the suite, so the album was never released.
Circulating live versions of the suite are excellent—it’s a shame they never saw an official release.
A few Hunter/Comfort studio recordings were released on the album Promontory Rider.

March 18, 1978 Warner Theater, Washington, DC (early and late show)
Jerry Garcia Band/Robert Hunter and Comfort
A tape of a Comfort set from an WHFS-fm broadcast has surfaced. I assume that the Comfort set was broadcast along with the JGB show. It does beg the very interesting question of who paid for it (for a band to play live on commercial FM radio, the record company had to pick up the lost advertising costs).

Robert Hunter-vocals, guitar
Kevin Morgenstern-lead guitar
Rodney Albin-violin, mandolin
Richard McNees-keyboards
>Ozzie Allers joins in February 1978, replacing McNees
Larry Klein-six string bass
Pat Lorenzano-drums
Marlene Molle-vocals
Kathleen Klein-vocals

for sale > > >