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Dead Review

Why got the From The Mars Hotel album only * star from Dave Marsh of Rolling Stone magazine, while Mark Cooper of Q magazine gave the same album **** stars? Find out in this album review section where the Grateful Dead albums are devided in a Warner Brothers, Grateful Dead/Round,Arista and Various section > > > > >

(these pages were made many many years ago and are not up to date!)

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Vampires stole my lunch money

Everyday i try to put new Grateful Dead items for sale on this site. One of the items added today is a beautiful posterbook with a decade of psychedelic posters. The name of the writer is Mick Farren. Once I did a ‘Sleeveface’ photo with a record cover of him. So a little search on my music blog and voila: here’s the photo:

A second blog message about ‘Sleevefaces’ had also pictures my family made. Can you guess the albums ? > > > > >