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Dead Review

Why got the From The Mars Hotel album only * star from Dave Marsh of Rolling Stone magazine, while Mark Cooper of Q magazine gave the same album **** stars? Find out in this album review section where the Grateful Dead albums are devided in a Warner Brothers, Grateful Dead/Round,Arista and Various section > > > > >

(these pages were made many many years ago and are not up to date!)

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Vampires stole my lunch money

Everyday i try to put new Grateful Dead items for sale on this site. One of the items added today is a beautiful posterbook with a decade of psychedelic posters. The name of the writer is Mick Farren. Once I did a ‘Sleeveface’ photo with a record cover of him. So a little search on my music blog and voila: here’s the photo:

A second blog message about ‘Sleevefaces’ had also pictures my family made. Can you guess the albums ? > > > > >

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Without a net

Grateful Dead 25th Anniversary Concert Europe Tour

There is a human drive to celebrate, and we provide ritual celebration in a society that doesn’t have much of it
Jerry Garcia

And so the Grateful Dead decided to do an Europe ‘Without a Net’ Concert Tour. My first chance of seeing the band live in concert. I teamed up with Bob Mayes from Oxford to see the gigs at the Gruga Halle of Rockpalast fame, and two more concerts at the International Congress Centrum in Berlin.

the end of ‘The Wall’
Bob & Schotje

Lots of americans on the parking lots selling hand-made stuff and looking for concert tickets. At the Rockpalast venue in Essen is felt like the floor was moving! And in Berlin I had to get used to the enthousiasm of the US dead-heads. Sometimes the songs of the Dead get very emotional and these are the moments european fans experience the music a little different. Wharf Rat’s “I know that the Life i’m living is no good. I get a new start. Live the Life I should” is such a moment.

From Germany to England. Three more concerts! All at the Wembley Arena in London. The second concert was a Halloween Special, and the band decided to do an extra concert at the first of november. I teamed up again with Bob Mayes and this time Dangerous Dave Phillips from Cornwall accompanied us. Dave provided me with with some unique Grateful Dead stuff like the press conference the band gave before the concerts. See the video > > >

Dangerous Davefrom Cornwall

The bass-bombs of Phil Lesh were like thunder in the heart! Inbetween concerts drummer Mickey Hart did a signing session for his new book. He had to search for his glasses when i asked him to sign the ‘Drumming at the edge of Magic” book. Later that night a great Halloween concert followed by an extra concert on the first of november. A big thanks for Bob for letting me stay at his place in Oxford and for Dave for sending me great Grateful Dead stuff!

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Dutch dead head

Sometimes I receive video’s of Grateful Dead material without knowing the source, or who shoot the video. Like this one: the Jerry Garcia Memorial Gathering, aug. 13 1995. I edited it into a 10 minutes videoclip and added some beautiful Grateful Dead Jam Music to it. Hope you like it…

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Every item for sale here is an item from my own collection. I have been collecting records for over 40 years now. My ‘regular’ collection is for sale on the Discogs site since October 28, 2012 where my seller’s grading is still 100% 😊
My ‘core’ collection is for sale here, on these pages. That means there only one of each item in stock. Minimum order value is € 8,00. If you buy more items at once a discount is possible. Please, no dealers!

Dutch Dead Head


I try to grade my items conservative. Every record is listened to and the discs and covers are visually graded too. The photo’s placed by the items are of the actual objects. Sometimes, for example when a record is still in a factory seal, i place a stock photo of the labels. On demand i can mail a short audio-clip or more photo’s of the record/item you are interested in. Since I have a regular job it may take a little time…


Products are shipped with PostNL. That’s the dutch postal company. Shipping costs and risks are for the buyer. I usually ship with standard mail, no Track n Trace. But there are a few exceptions. Please contact me if you prefer shipment with Track n Trace. The shipping costs are based upon the actual PostNL tarifs.

Questions ? Feel free to mail me at

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Music is Love

The first Grateful Dead items are posted! With a little bit pain in the heart but maybe some other ‘dead-head’ can find items they have long sought for… And remember, the items for sale here are from my own collection so there is only one item per article.

It’s now time for the Grateful Dead related 7″ vinyl singles. One of the albums I loved from the beginning was David Crosby’s first solo album. If I only could remember my name. Despite bad critics and reviews at the time of the album release it is now considered a masterpiece. Music is Love is one of the items now for sale.

This copy of ‘Music is Love’ was released as a single in the Netherlands and features many Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane members. See also the item in my shop for the details and the Music Blog message on ‘Blowing against the Empire‘.