Drumming at the Edge of Magic: A Journey into the Spirit of Percussion  (book, signed)


Drumming at the Edge of Magic: A Journey into the Spirit of Percussion  (book)


Drumming at the Edge of Magic: A Journey into the Spirit of Percussion  (book)
by Mickey Hart

An excellent journey into the magical world of drums and percussion. If your passion is drums this is a must read book. This book explores the mystery and appeal of the drum and other percussion instruments.

Publisher : HarperSanFrancisco
First edition, 1990
Language : English
Paperback : 264 pages
ISBN: 0 06 250374 X
Item Weight : 540 gr.
Dimensions : 23,5  x  19  cm
with autograph (signed by author)

A look at the nature and origins of music by the drummer for the Grateful Dead, who has studied music for thirty years, examines the power of music to heal and transform the human spirit.  This excellent volume is organized into fourteen chapters covering the following topics: the call of the drum, the garden of percussion, the hole in the sky, portrait of a rudimental drummer, the circle of the drum, portrait of a drummer as a cold warrior, among the ethnos, the big clock, portrait of a drummer on the edge of noise, Shaman’s drum, portrait of a drummer at the edge of magic, Africa: The invisible counter player, the brotherhood of the drum and the making of the drum.

Mickey Hart talking about Joseph Campbell . Mickey quotes Joseph Campbell saying to follow your bliss. Mickey Hart, percussionist for the Grateful Dead, tells the compelling tale of his quest to unlock the power, myths, and legends of percussion. Complemented by more than 90 photographs and illustrations. It is a compelling, panoramic adventure into a vibrant living tradition of myth, power, and magic. Black-and-white photographs and illustrations.

A highly enjoyable book about music creation from Grateful Dead’s drummer Mickey Hart. Partly autobiographical, partly a history of musicology and ethnomusicology, Drumming at the Edge of Magic is a light, enjoyable read. This book is full of fascinating facts about drums across the world, and the nature of rhythm, such as the law of entrainment. It’s heavily illustrated, so you get to see what the drums look like, and he connects the drums to their cultural context.

Book in very fine condition. I bought it in London during the 1990 Europe tour and Mickey Hart signed the book for me and my wife. So the book has some writings: Mickey Harts’ signature. See photo’s, they are of the actual object.


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