Get On Down: A Decade of Rock and Roll Posters (Posterbook)


Get On Down: A Decade of Rock and Roll Posters (Posterbook)


Get On Down: A Decade of Rock and Roll Posters (Posterbook)
by Mick Farren (Author)

Publisher: Dempsey & Squires Ltd. / Futura Publications Lmt. / Van Ditmar
Published 1/1/1977
Paperback, printed in Italy
Language : English
15 x 10 x 0.4 inches
Out of print
95 pages with 75 high quality reprints.

This is a rare vintage 1976 book titled Get On Down: A Decade of Rock and Roll Posters. Edited by Mick Farren.  Very over-sized book, with a full page devoted to almost every poster. These are almost the actual size of the original posters (since most were hand bill sized). Bright bold colors, posters from the psychedelic scene into the mid-70s arena rock era. Hard to find, but totally worth the money.
This rare book contains the best reproductions of early rock music posters ever seen in a single publication. What sets it apart from other vintage poster books is its large format, high quality treatment of these posters. All are full page, hi-res and color-accurate. More expensive metallic inks were used when necessary to match the original works. Classic posters from the Fillmore Auditorium, Avalon Ballroom, Family Dog and other venues in the late ’60s and early ’70s that sell for hundreds of dollars today are presented here in their full psychedelic glory.
Originally created for shows by Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Rolling Stones, Ten Years After, Jeff Beck, Jethro Tull, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Frank Zappa, Cat Stevens, Leon Russell, Alice Cooper, Bryan Ferry, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Blue Oyster Cult and many others, these posters cover much of rock music history. There’s also an excellent introduction to the collection by the author.
Although this is an oversized, almost poster-sized book, these full-page posters are slightly smaller than their prototypes. Each poster in this book measures 15-inches tall x 10-inches wide (see photos) and old Fillmore posters were usually 20 x 14. Still, they are faithful copies printed on thick matte paper and worthy of framing if you so choose. Be aware that these are double-sided pages (poster on each side).

Book is in very fine condition. See photo’s,  they are of the actual object.