Handprint Plectrum: The “Jerry Hand”

Handprint Plectrum: The “Jerry Hand”

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Self-described as “an artist who played music on the side,” Jerry Garcia produced well over 500 pieces of art during his lifetime, primarily using watercolor, pen, and ink, and computer graphics.  Jerry Garcia’s artwork genius lives on in these high-quality guitar picks.

Original, USA. issued by D’Addario ( Planet Waves ) in 2002.

JERRY GARCIA Handprint Guitar Plectrum. Superb US official authentic promo-only guitar pick/plectrum issued to promote the ‘All Good Things’ box set.
Pick is of standard design, black in colour featuring a white handprint motif on one side and afacsimilie signature printed on the other, also in white.

Photos included are of the actual item. This item is in Excellent condition. Price is with Shipping Incl.!

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