San Francisco Nights – The Psychedelic Music Trip 1965 – 1968


San Francisco Nights – The Psychedelic Music Trip  1965 – 1968


San Francisco Nights: The Psychedelic Music Trip,  1965-1968

Paperback – UK, January 1, 1985
by Gene Sculatti & Davin Seay, cover David Juniper

Author: Sculatti, Gene, & Seay, Davin
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson, London
ISBN: 0 283 99277 8
Publication Year: 1985
Number Of Pages: 192
Language: english
illustrated in black and white
Size: 23 cm x 19 cm x 1,5 cm
Weight: 560 gr.

Gene Sculatti (author of Catalog of Cool) was actually there, was a fan, and kept note of all the trivia. Traces the history of the psychedelic sound, offers profiles of the most popular San Francisco bands of the sixties, and explains how this music changed the industry. You get facts on the pre-hippie SF music history, which you won’t find elsewhere. This wonderful book is out of print.

review on Amazon from Mike Wilhelm:
My name is Mike Wilhelm. I was living in the Haight Ashbury from 1964 and involved in the San Francisco music scene as a musician and songwriter. Of all of the histories I have read, this book is the most accurate account of the development of the scene during this period of time in San Francisco.

Book is in very fine condition but has a address stamp (mine) on the inside.
See photo’s, they are of the actual subject. See also LibraryThing.