The Dead  –  by Hank Harrison (Book)


The Dead – by Hank Harrison (Book)


The Dead  –  by Hank Harrison

A social history of Rock ‘n  Roll
two decades of the Grateful Dead

Publisher : Celestial Arts
Paperback – 1980
Language : English
Paperback : 322 pages
Cover: Alton Kelley
Illustrated with Bl/White photo’s
Printed in the USA
ISBN-10 : 0 89087 282 1
Item Weight : 640 gr.
Dimensions : 23 x 18 cm.

This book goes beneath everything you know about Mother Mcrees uptown jug champions, the Warlocks, the New Riders, the Pranksters, and anything else that the Grateful Dead spawned. There are a lot of interesting stories involving not only the GD bandmembers, but also others in the Bay Area scene: David Crosby, The Jefferson Airplane/Starship family, et al. Also interesting to read Hell’s Angel member’s perspective of what went wrong in Altamont Harrison also went to see the Dead’s famous concert in Egypt, so there’s some cool Egypt stories in there. Best parts are when he’s recounting his stories from the early days of the Bay Area music scene. Crtain text and photographs are re-used from his earlier edition of the Dead story.

Condition: Very Good. Colour cover and bl/white illustrations with no inscriptions  or markings.  See photo’s for details.

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