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New: 2 handprint plectrums of Jerry Garcia.

 “Self-described as “an artist who played music on the side,” Jerry Garcia produced well over 500 pieces of art during his lifetime, primarily using watercolor, pen, and ink, and computer graphics.
Jerry Garcia’s artwork genius lives on in these high-quality guitar picks.


The black one is a promo pick from 2002. :  The J.Garcia “Jerry Hand”
Otiginal, USA.  issued by D’Addario ( Planet Waves ) in 2002.

JERRY GARCIA Handprint Guitar Plectrum (Superb US official authentic promo-only guitar pick/plectrum issued to promote the ‘All Good Things’ box set. Pick is of standard design, black in colour featuring a white handprint motif on one side and afacsimilie signature printed on the other, also in white).


The robot is edition: Art critter space robot, issued 2002. Drawn by Jerry

 The ” Space Robot “ !  issued by Planet Waves ( D’Addario ) in 2002 !

Picks being issued only in Mother of Pearl White & Silver.

a unique Garcia illustration on one side and Jerry’s signature on other side.

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Party Time at Discogs !

Good news. My record collection on Discogs is getting shape again. I had to close down the shop because of bad knees ?!? My record collection was located at the attic and this ol’ man couldn’t manage the stairs anymore. What’s next: bringing the records slowly but surely to the living room and put them back online…

drawing by Robert Crumb

It will take a while before all the records are moved and listed again, but we’re back on-line at DISCOGS. In the meantime I will keep listing records from my core-collection here, at Happy viewing and don’t hesitate to mail me if you have questions. Keep on Truckin’ !