Wojciech J. Has – The Saragossa Manuscript  (DVD)


Wojciech J. Has – The Saragossa Manuscript  (DVD)


Wojciech J. Has – The Saragossa Manuscript  (DVD)

Label: Cowboy Pictures / Image Entertainment
Format: DVD / NTSC
Country: USA
Released: 2001
Artwork: Ben Dewey
Polish with english subtitles
Enhanced, restored widescreen edition
Original, full length Director’s cut

“In dedication to Jerry Garcia”

Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola present…

Notes: The Saragossa Manuscript engages the mind and soul, carrying the viewer along on an unforgettable magic carpet ride through the light and darkness of men’s  souls. Jerry Garcia, Francis Ford Coppola, David Lynch and Martin Scorsese were inspired by this movie…

DVD and Inlay in very good condition

This film is about the art of storytelling. It is based on one of the most amazing books I have ever read, written by Jan Potocki and bearing the same title as the film. . The film opens with the finding of the manuscript, and in it we follow the adventures of Alfonso van Worden, who encounters a vast gallery of characters that have stories to tell him. Most importantly, Alfonso and other characters keep running into two women who may or may not be connected to the two corpses that hang from the gallows below which some of the characters wake up from their dreams.  The film plays with elements of horror, but is also characterized by a constant, delightful sense of humor. Few masterpieces of cinema manage to be both serious and playful, earthly and transcendent. y. It is a movie that bears re-viewing many times always something new to catch…  This is a dream come true for the surrealist at heart or people who just love oniric/labyrinthian films. Excellent transfer and definitely worth the money!!


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