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Dad’s Deep Space Ticket

Back in the early days tape trading was done by slow mail. Exchanging lists and Grateful Dead concert’s on Maxel XL Chrome 90 minutes cassette deck tapes.

But Internet was born and the library of the world opened up. Still trading tapes but contacts and info via the quick (CompuServe) news-groups.

Here’s a list from back of these good ol’ days. Compiled by Gary Ross and published in a Relix magazine years ago. A star (*) means i had the concert on tape. I still have a box with tapes in custom made covers somewhere on the attack…


Some of the greatest space  jams that the DeaD  have ever pulled off.



       1. WINTERLAND      12-11-72   dark star

      2. WINTERLAND      12-31-72   truckin’>the other one*

      3. KEZAR           05-26-73   he’s gone-truckin>other

      4. RFK             06-10-73   dark star*

      5. ROOSEVELT       08-01-73   dark star

      6. WINTERLAND      11-11-73   dark star

      7. SAN DIEGO       11-14-73   other one

      8. BOSTON          12-02-73    playin’

      9. WINTERLAND      02-23-74   other one

     10.RENO             05-12-74   other one

     11.SEATTLE          05-21-74   playin’

     12.SANTA BARBARA    05-25-74   truckin’>let it grow

     13.OAKLAND          06-08-74   playin’ – eyes

     14.WINTERLAND       10-19-74   he’s gone>truckin’

     15.PASSAIC          06-19-76   playin’

     16.SANTA BARBARA    01-13-78   dancin’>wharf rat

     17.STOCKTON         12-18-76    terrapin’>playin’>passenger>prophet

     18.KAISER           08-04-79   shakedown>playin’

     19.PORTLAND         06-12-80   scarlet>fire – estimated

     20.RENO             03-13-82   estimated – other one

     21.GLENS FALLS      04-14-82   playin’*

     22.GREEK            07-15-84   drums

     23.KAISER           03-16-88   scarlet>fire – playin’

     24.GREEK            08-19-88   other one

     25.OAKLAND          12-31-89    victim>dark star*

* available from the list
(not anymore, see above)

You Tube Playlist of the first 15 songs on the list: 

YouTube PlayList #1