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John Cipollina Tribute

Poster for John Cipollina’s Tribute Concert at The Fillmore Auditorium on June 26, 1989 – Artist: Alton kelly

Here we have a beautiful untrimmed poster for the tribute concert for John Cipollina. The beloved Quicksilver Messenger Service guitarist had a hell of a going-away party at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, CA. The place was packed to the gills that night with friends and well-wishers and the talent roster was practically everybody. More than two dozen names are listed and that’s just the folks on the poster. Members of Quiksilver, the Dinosaurs, the Dead, and on and on. The show date was June 26, 1989. Artwork is a husband and wife collaboration between Alton and Marguerite Kelley. She provided a beautiful photo of a beaming John Cipollina, while Alton did the drawing. This tremendous untrimmed poster measures 23 1/8″ x 31″, approximately. A truly beloved giant of the music world, John Cipollina

Unfortunately not for sale by me but at the moment it is offered at the dutch MARKTPLAATS (local eBay) site by a well known West-Coast music collector Hansns who lives not to far away (Hengelo,ov).

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Pfff, it took a while but all Grateful Dead items are now listed in the shop. Every item has photo’s of the real object, no stock photo’s. And additional info, such as record reviews, will be added if possible. Coming winter I will post more self-made leather products and other stuff with grateful dead themes on this site. So, please come back for more visits!

Next step is to make the site ‘Google friendly’ so it will come back in the search lists of users and the maintenance of the site; keep it simple, fast, and up-to-date. Because of the extra info on product’s it would be a shame to delete the sold items from the site. So they will get their spot on the ‘Sold Products’ page for archive reasons. > > > > >

And now for something completely different…

fela kuti

t was not only Grateful Dead that belonged to my core record collection. The collection that would never go on sale…. Another favorite is the music of Fela Anikulupo Kuti. The first album i bought was on holidays in France, Concarneau 1978. The LP Zombie lay in the Special Price bin. I bought it because of the cover but it became instanly the house-music of the bar we visited dayly. Ever since i was on the look-out for more music of Fela ‘Ransome’ Kuti. I consider him, ànd James Brown, as major influences in my music-life ! And now it’s time to part of the records and cd’s. Same story here: every item gets it’s own photo’s and I will try to grade the vinyl conversative. Prices will be based on the current Discogs and eBay prices, and on the qualitiy and avaialbility of the vinyl and cover.

watch on You Tube

So coming weeks I will be busy adding the music of Fela to this site. And next in line are two other gems from my personal collection. More to follow: the music of John Martyn and the combined collection of Robert Wyatt/Gong/Soft Machine items…. Keep in Touch !